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Jacques Cartier with Indian gemstone dealers in India at *Kanjimull Jewelers, Old Delhi ( Mr. Kanjimull seated 2nd from right ) DJA Founder Member.
Lala Gokal Chandji Nahar of M/s. Shadiram Gokal Chand Jewellers* seated next to him (Photo highlighted). Photo from Jacques Cartier's album recording his voyage to India in 1911
Jacques Cartier (1885-1942), was in charge of Cartier London, a famous Jewelry brand, attended the Delhi Durbar in 1911, a huge event celebrating the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary, where he was impressed with the splendor of jewels adorning Indian royalty. Cartier's London shop was positioned to attract maharajas, who often brought with them large numbers of diamonds and gemstones to be refashioned into new suites of jewelry during their visits to England.​

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